Dr Robert Wood the role of leaked Documents and Extraterrestrial Technology CHD 5-03

Citizens Hearing on Disclosure Dr. Robert M. Wood
Dr. Wood received a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering from University of Colorado in 1949, a PhD in Physics from Cornell in 1953, worked for General Electric Aeronautics and Ordnance, served in the US Army at Aberdeen Proving Ground for two years, and then completed 43 years with Douglas Aircraft and its successors until he retired to work full time on his avocation of UFO research. A long-time Director of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a Councilor for the Society for Scientific Exploration, and member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics since 1947, he has garnered a reputation for integrity and scholarship in this field over the last 15 years. (Bob’s photo optional)
Science and Technology Panel
In 1966, I had been working about 13 years for one company and was doing well as a young engineering executive at Douglas Aircraft. That was the year the Air Force decided to have a symposium dedicated to important developments in space ten years hence, and my boss, Ray Hallet, had been selected to speak for our Missiles and Space part of the Company about how better to get things to orbit and back. He asked, “What do you think we should talk about?” and I said, partly as a jest, “Why don’t we just tell them how the alleged UFOs do it?” He actually liked the idea, and asked me to work on it. That was when I read my first UFO book…actually one by Don Menzel, a science arch-skeptic, and I saw clearly that he was ignoring the reported data. I immediately read a dozen books on the subject.
A year later, Douglas had been bought by McDonnell and we were now McDonnell Douglas, and had just won the Air Force satellite program call Manned Orbiting Laboratory. My regular job was to manage our company research and development funds so that we would win small technology contracts. One day, after I reported to a couple of VPs on how we were doing, one of them asked me personally if I was doing anything interesting outside of my job. I said, “Well, you’re not going to believe this, but I have read about 50 books on UFOs. And the amazing conclusion I’ve come to is that they are very real, extraterrestrial craft and the ONLY thing that’s uncertain is whether we find out how they work before or after our competitor Lockheed.” After a moment of silence, one of them said, “How much would it cost to take a look at that question?” Therefore, we started a little project, kept quite low key, to study the question of how they work. Everyone who worked on this project knew that when the project was over, each would go back to his other job or be laid off. This was when we needed to find someone to study the sightings and reports in detail to see if we could get clues to how they worked, and we hired Stan Friedman. (Old photo of Stan) We did a lot of interesting projects, such as measure the effects of a huge magnetic field on the speed of light (there was none), interview an abductee, try to invent a physics that would permit travel faster than the speed of light, developed an instrumented van to observe craft sightings anywhere, anytime, and spun magnets in space to try to change their weight (it didn’t change). I also became friends with James E. McDonald, a physicist who was making a lot of noise and giving lectures about the details of highly credible sightings.
Jim McDonald was very pushy to have my group get more exposure. He urged me to visit the Air Force UFO Condon Committee in 1967 before their report was complete, and talked someone into inviting me to testify at a House Science and Astronautics Committee “Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects.” I asked my management about this, and they said, “Do what you want, but good things rarely happen to people who testify to Congress.” I decided not to testify, largely since I did not have any breakthroughs to even hint at, and if I did, they would have been the property of McDonnell Douglas. Then the military orbiting program was cancelled in 1969, dozens of people were being laid off, we were not making fantastic progress, and I was assigned in 1970 to learn everything I could about radar and ballistic missile defense. We cancelled the UFO project and moved on. This project’s history was written up in both the International UFO Reporter in 1993 (detailing the results of my visit to the Condon Committee) and the MUFON Journal in 2008. (elaborating on the details of what who did what, and what we concluded).
I followed the topic of ufology from 1970 to my retirement in 1993 as an avocation, but remained actively absorbing results and reports from the MUFON, the Center for UFO Studies and subscribed to the “Flying Saucer Review,” published in Britain. The consistency of alien reports occurring psychically caused me to be aware of other anomalous literature, and I had the pleasure of meeting Dean Bob Jahn of Princeton University, who was initiating a consciousness research project. At the same time, my knowledge of radar put me in a position to manage a classified program with top-secret access to various subjects. I had read an article by Dr. Hal Puthoff, currently then at Stanford Research Institute, reporting on some amazing results in remote viewing. We used our CIA contacts to work out a test project on coordinate remote viewing, where the subject is allegedly able to describe what is at a specific Earth coordinate. This sensitive remote viewing project wound up being funded by James S. McDonnell, CEO, who was
subsequently told by his lawyers that he should not have used Foundation money to accomplish work in his profit- making firm. The results of our one test of six targets were interesting, but not spectacular. We speculated that the viewer might have gone to the coordinate at a TIME when the most emotional events were happening at that location.
This project also provided access to anything to do with ballistic missile defense, and I used a nice classified library at another facility to see what there was on the defense against UFOs. There were quite a few intriguing reports available (such as a classified version of the Iranian Air Force’s F-4 Phantom Jet pilot attempting to fire a missile at a UFO only to have his controls shut down as soon as he thought about doing it). Then, after I had borrowed and read quite a few of these anomalous reports, the whole library system was changed so that it was no longer clear where to look for reports.
I also stayed aware of anomalies in science in general, and when the so-call cold fusion results of Pons/Fleischman were announced in 1989, I was aware that our company attempted a quick covert test to replicate the results. I was told we were not successful, but by then I was working on advanced technology for NASA International Space Station and not involved in proprietary activity.
After retirement in 1993, my UFO focus became the authentication of leaked documents. If these documents are valid, they are consistent in telling the story of exposure to the alien technology, attempts to understand it, and many specific tales of successfully understanding the principles and building devices that have become the technology breakthroughs we all enjoy today. There is a case to be made that the three crash recoveries of Missouri in April 1941 and LA in February 1942 (1430 rounds fired during the famous L.A. ‘air raid’) resulted in a specific contract to study how germanium and silicon might be used as a diode solid-state rectifier. Those individuals receiving reports and samples included Edward Condon at Westinghouse, Bell Laboratories, Hans Bethe of MIT Radiation Lab, and Shockley of Bell Telephone Labs in 1945, who is given credit for inventing the transistor in 1947. These leaked documents, taken as a whole, visualize and speculate on the impact of alien technology on our society in a diverse array of fields of science and technology.
So, what is Dr. Bob’s opinion of what’s required to understand how they work and to build one? The simple answer is “I don’t know”, but beyond that I could say that I would look for the following:
• A way to cross the light years to stars without actually physically speeding past and through the space and space debris that separates us;
• A way to interact with time in a reliable fashion, through the equivalent of a so-called “wormhole” so that journeys that would take years wind up taking minutes;
• A way to permit a person’s mind to interact with matter so reliably that all you have to do is to think clearly, and equipment will do what you want it to, if it’s designed right;
• Finally, expect that the breakthroughs will come from unknown scientists, probably pretty young, who are looking outside of the establishment’s perspective of the solution.
In the last decade, I have presented lectures in coordination with my son Ryan S. Wood, author of Majic: Eyes Only (photo of book) identifying 74 UFO crash recoveries) on the authenticity and content of the documents.
I will leave you with this thought, that Arthur Clarke’s famous quote is highly applicable, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I think that the millions of years that may separate us from alien civilizations are not significant because logic does not change with time. I expect that the laws of physics, which we have yet to understand, will be the same…and so will be the equations. We just have to find them. Does some black program already have this knowledge?
Robert M. Wood 14 April 2013

Thomas Valone, PhD Implications of Extraterrestrial Technology CHD 5-03

Implications of Extraterrestrial Technology
Thomas Valone, PhD, PE IntegrityResearchInstitute.org April 29, 2013
This is my personal viewpoint only and does not relate in any way to the Federal Government. Nothing that I am stating here reflects any government policy but simply my original thoughts as a private citizen.
This is a presentation of what I’m familiar with as possible extraterrestrial (ET) technology. (See Valone 1 video – 90 sec.) The first video of mine explains the scope of my interest. I started my journey into the search for a new energy generator back in 1980 after reading the book, Sunburst: Return of the Ancients by Norman Paulsen which included a lot of material due to George Van Tassel from Giant Rock, California (see Valone 2 jpeg), which as you can see in this side-by-side photo set, also had some very convincing daytime UFO events. So I arranged to visit Paulsen’s Sunburst Community and subsequently tested what was reported to be the homopolar magnetic energy and propulsion “Mu Disc” (see Valone 3 jpg) of the UFO for my Master’s degree project at the Physics Dept. of SUNY at Buffalo a few years later and explained the complete story in a book (see Valone 4 jpg). However, my concern years later was that I didn’t test what Paulsen really told me what he saw was a nonconducting disk with twelve magnets on the outer edge which was almost as big as the ship itself. Then I started to investigate the Searl disk (due to John R.R. Searl) which has “roller magnets” suspended on a magnetic ring (see Valone 5 jpg) and then facilitated a Russian replication of the energy portion of the device by connecting Godin and Roschin with an investor (see Valone 6 jpg). The implication of these possible extraterrestrial technologies is that the energy AND propulsion sources are designed to be integrated into one device, which seems to be a primary advantage that properly lends itself to portability for space travel. As an adjunct, it is worth mentioning that Van Tassel built a circular “healing chamber” with a high voltage Tesla coil design called the “Integratron” near Giant Rock, that upon my personal investigation (see Valone 7 jpg), I have compared to other bioelectromagnetic devices and believe it has some merit though it was never completed. So another implication of ET technology is a rejuvenation potential for the human body.
The second part to this summary is concerning ET use of zero point energy, inertial mass shielding and electrogravitics. The fast take-off and right angle turns of UFOs (see Valone 8 wmv – 30 sec.) is a well-known hallmark that implies a shield of the Lorentz force mass interaction with the quantum vacuum zero point field. The scientific conclusion is that UFOs use inertial shielding besides an onboard quantum vacuum energy converter and an electrogravitics propeller to function effortlessly in air and space (see Valone 9 jpg). Without explaining too much about why inertial mass is not gravitational mass, suffice it to say that the Einsteinian “equivalence principle” is about to be overturned in the laboratory with some of my proposed experiments. Once a retired black project engineer convinced me a couple of years ago that this shield is an integral and vital part of the hull of UFOs, I just needed to know what part electrogravitics played. With inertial mass brought to near zero, a weak propulsive force like the high voltage gravity-like electrogravitics or electrokinetics can create a big acceleration and

sharp angle turns (see Valone 10 jpg), which S-4 black projects have already back engineered from ET technology. The implication for this technology is the discovery that an electrokinetic equation explains pulsed electrokinetic propulsion. There is also evidence that the B-2 bomber uses such an auxiliary propulsion system for a stealth mode and thanks to Mark McCandlish who testified at Dr. Greer’s 2001 Disclosure Project in DC, we also know that once in a while, such electrokinetics-powered craft are put on display as in 1988 at Norton AFB which is shown on half of my Electrogravitics II book (see Valone 11 jpg), which also includes Mark’s entire testimony. Mark called this flat- bottom hovercraft an “alien reproduction vehicle” or ARV.

Dr Roger Lier has performed 16 surgeries for the removal of foreign objects from those individuals who allege Alien Abduction

I, with my surgical team of medical specialists have performed 16 surgeries for the removal of foreign objects from those individuals who allege Alien Abduction. The sixteen cases involved the removal of 17 separate and distinct objects. One of these objects turned out to be a small run of ceramic like glass which was manufactured by Dow Corning Industries. In my almost 50 years of Podiatric Surgical practice, I have removed hundreds of numerous objects from the human foot including, paper, glass, metal, stones, hair, corral and many other objects.
The individuals involved in this study all presented with no noted portal of entry for any of the objects we removed. There was no noted visible scar formation or other interruptions of the integrity of the skin even when examination was performed with a magnifying loop.
All the individuals in the study presented with positive x-rays or CT scans showing metallic or lesser dense foreign bodies. Prior to any surgical procedure performed the areas of interest were examined by use of a gauss meter for magnetic or electromagnetic emissions. Ten of them were found to be producing readings on the gauss meter of 6 to 10 Mil Gauss. In addition several frequencies of Ultraviolet light were used to detect
fluorescence in the area of the foreign object. About 60 percent presented with positive UV Light fluorescence with color ranges from pink to green and yellow. One of our last surgical patients displayed a large Chevron appearing insignia on is right arm near the shoulder. He had no prior knowledge of it being there. We have also found that the removal of this fluorescent material with ordinary solvents only makes them disappear for intervals up to one hour and when re-examined they appear again with the use of the Ultraviolet light.
In addition by use of a Radio Wave Frequency detector we were able to detect certain radio frequencies in the FM band both in the megahertz and kilohertz ranges being emitted from the object. It was determined that in one case these detected frequencies were noted fixed or mobile deep space frequencies. Unfortunately our limited budget for performing this research has not allowed us to obtain a radio frequency analyzer so that a radio wave can be captured and analyzed.
All the surgeries we performed have been documented with eyewitnesses, video and still photography. We have established criteria and protocols for a forensic like chain of custody. All the objects are placed in a sterile container containing the patients own blood serum. The containers are then signed and are not opened again until they reach the laboratory where the analysis begins. This also requires the signatures of those working in the laboratory.
When these procedures are performed, small sections of the surrounding tissue is also removed and sent out for pathological studies. It has repeatedly come to our attention that there are no inflammatory reactions by the body to these objects. In addition there are also no rejection reactions. According to our exhaustive research there is no known human science that can totally prevent the human body from reacting to foreign objects placed within it. In addition to these repeatable findings we also find large amounts specialized nerve cells called proprioceptors in the area of the implant. These are all in areas where these cells would normally have no function.
Once the pathology laboratories have completed their examinations, we send the specimens out to material science laboratories. Some of these include Los Alamos National Labs, New Mexico Tech, University of California at San Diego, Southwest Laboratories in San Antonio, Texas, as well as other numerous local Southern California Labs. In addition, our own organization, A&S Research has numerous scientists on our Science Board which enables us to do some of our own scientific studies on these objects.
The metallic objects themselves measure from approximately 6 to 10 mm in length and are the approximate circumference of a pencil lead. All the objects are coated with a ceramic and organic like coating. With the use of the electron microscope we can see the organic material originating in the solid metallic object. We believe there is an actual

phase in which inorganic metallic materials become organic. Our research demonstrates that no known academic science is capable of creating this mechanism. The following findings are consistent with all the metallic objects. Their predominate element is Meteoric Iron which can be determined from the Nichol-Iron ratio. They all contain Carbon Nano structures which compose Carbon Nano Bundles and finally Carbon Nano Strands, much like the cabling for electronic circuitry. These cables or strands end at various rectangular crystals of varying size. These crystals are composed of Sodium Chloride which appears in nature as random crystalline structures of no particular shape or size. In addition we have found Non Terrestrial Isotopic ratios which indicate these objects don’t come from earth. This is also demonstrated with rare earth elements and on occasion one single isotope of Uranium which can not exist alone in Earth’s natural environment. There are also numerous other structures which we don’t understand such as gold spheres, ovoids and tunnels in the structure that are only as wide as one Atom.
It is my opinion that more research should be encouraged and funded as the benefits for mankind would be numerous. If we were only able to understand and back engineer the ability of these objects to prevent inflammation or rejection, we could transplant any vital organ without the patient having to consume anti-rejection medications. This would become the standard of organ transplantation for the entire world but would also produce a cost saving factor for the entire medical delivery system. If devices such as Pins, Screws or other orthopedic metallic instillations could be coated with this material there would be no inflammatory reaction caused by any of these devices used today. In
reference to understanding the nano-electronics, the benefits to mankind would be immeasurable.

Steven Greer The Orion Project Memo CHD 5-03

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies


The President of the United States and
Members of the US Congress

Steven M. Greer, MD and Theodore C. Loder III, PhD


P.O. Box 265 Crozet, VA 22932


Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction and Background …………………………………… 3 1.1 Background to this Briefing Document …………………… 3 1.2 Technology Categories and Background ………………… 3 1.3 Development of Supportive Policies and Strategies ……… 4 1.4 History of Overunity Technologies ……………………… 4 1.5 Categories of Suppression …………………………………. 5

2.0 Strategic Plan Components to Safeguard Development ………… 6

3.0 Organizational Needs to Develop Breakthrough Energy Tech. .. 7 3.1 Important Restrictions for Anyone Developing These

Technologies ………………………………………………… 8

4.0 Example List of Technologies ……………………………………. 8 4.1 Solid-State Electromagnetic Free Energy Generator ……. 9 4.2 Rotary Electromagnetic Free Energy Generator ………… 9 4.3 Oscillated Power or Energy Resonance …………………… 9 4.4 Electromagnetic Lifter Technology ……………………….. 9 4.5 Water-Enhanced Combustion Technology ……………….. 10 4.6 Electrostatic Combustion Technology ……………………. 10 4.7 Electromagnetic Free Energy Motor ……………………… 10 4.8 Plasma Arc Reactor ………………………………………… 10 4.9 Stubblefield Earth Battery and Communication Tech. …… 11 4.10 Precursor Engineering Physics ……………………………. 11 4.11 Kowsky-Frost Antigravity Technology …………………… 11 4.12 Other Potential Energy Producing Technologies ………… 11

5.0 Example Budget Summary ……………………………………… 12

6.0 Appendix A. General References on Energy Technologies …… 14

6.0 Appendix B. Precursor Engineering – Review of Issues ……….. 15

6.0 Appendix C. Description of the Kowsky-Frost Experiment ….. 17

6.0 Appendix D. “Outside the Box” Space and Terrestrial Trans- portation and Energy Technologies for the 21st Century …… 19

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 2

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies

1.0 Introduction and Background
1.1 Background to this Briefing Document

This summary document was prepared for the purpose of providing general background information about energy-producing technologies that are outside the usual mainstream consideration or awareness. This document is based on nearly 17 years of research by Dr. Greer, Dr. Loder and other members of the Advanced Energy Research Organization (AERO) and The Orion Project, who have been studying energy generation and propulsion technologies. We have identified a number of new energy technologies that within 6 months to several years, given proper funding, may be ready for marketing. A number of these technologies were presented at a briefing for the US Senate EPW in 2001 at the request of the Chair of the EPW, Senator Bob Smith (R-NH) (Loder, 2001).

Because many of these technologies are at the design or prototype stage, they will need funding for the necessary research to bring them out to the public. To do this, it will be necessary to bring these candidate technologies to a stage of real commercial potential by developing what has been termed the “robust demonstrator”. This demonstrator would be a reproducible, self-powered, reliable device producing useable amounts of power and causing no pollution.

1.2 Technology Categories and Background

We have identified a number of advanced technologies to replace the need for oil, gas, coal, and nuclear power, thus eliminating pollution and the geopolitical instability resulting from the existing systems.

These technologies fall into three broad categories (examples are listed in Section 4.0):

  1. Transitional technologies. These are devices or processes that enable existing energy sources to be much more efficient, reduce pollution or clean up existing environmental hazards. For example, add-on devices to retrofit cars and trucks with a technology that significantly increases fuel economy.
  2. Electromagnetic energy devices that are overunity. These include generators, solid-state devices and magnetic plasma devices that perturb the zero point energy field (or quantum vacuum flux field) to tap electromagnetic energy and create usable power, without a net external fuel source or pollution.
  3. Advanced propulsion systems that use electromagnetic fields to alter the mass and space around an object to allow for lift and drive. These “electrogravitic” systems will enable travel to be pollution free, rapid and without the use of fossil fuels of any type or use of surface roads.

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 3

Heretofore, most efforts focusing on these technologies have been classified projects that have refused to allow widespread application and use due to various corrupt special financial and energy interests. Engineers, scientists, and inventors have either been absorbed into these so- called ‘black’ projects or worked alone, without adequate R and D funding, support, strategic security or a professionalized process.

1.3 Development of Supportive Policies and Strategies

In addition to the science and engineering aspects of developing these technologies, there will need to be active development of commensurate policies and strategies in the following areas:

• Application of these technologies in the developing world and the granting of such technologies to abate widespread poverty and environmental decay in those regions;

• Understanding the financial, economic and industrial implications of these technologies and determining how to best transition from a carbon-based industrial society to a clean, so called ‘free energy’ society, with minimal disruption;

• Determination of the national security and international security implications of these technologies and how to best empower existing governmental and international institutions to ensure a smooth transition to a new economy and geopolitical order;

• Development of higher order applications of these technologies such as combining new energy generators with advanced desalination processes for fresh water production;

• Determination of the long-term social, cultural, and geopolitical implications of these technologies as they help eliminate poverty, empower economies at the local/village level, and alter the zero-sum game of limited resources such as fossil fuels;

• Determination of medical, telecommunications and space travel applications of these technologies;

• Determination of methods to avoid and if necessary, contain the weaponization of such energy and propulsion technologies;

• Determination of the implications of these technologies for social justice, peace and the creation of a long-term sustainable civilization on Earth, among others.

To accomplish the development of these policies and strategies is a tall order, but one that has to be carried out if we as a society plan to get off the “fossil fuel” economy and move to a more global sustainable life style. These policies and strategies most be developed simultaneously

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 4

with the development of the actual technologies to assure acceptance and integration of the new technologies into our global society.

1.4 History of Overunity Technologies

Overunity is a term often used to describe technologies, which use a closed system that produces more energy than it consumes. Technologically, the hurdles to achieve what is called overunity energy generation or “energy from the vacuum”, by accessing the teeming energy in the space around us, are not insurmountable and have been well documented in the open literature. For example, Bearden (2002, 2007) lists well over a dozen potential overunity technologies.

Research shows that over the past 75 years a number of significant breakthroughs in energy generation and propulsion have occurred that have been systematically suppressed. Since the time of N. Stubblefield, N. Tesla, T. Townsend Brown and others in the early and mid-twentieth century, we have had the technological ability to replace fossil fuel, internal combustion and nuclear power generating systems with advanced non-polluting electromagnetic and electrogravitic systems. Many of these breakthroughs are documented in recent books by Bearden (2002), Valone (2007), and Manning and Garbon (2008).

What has been insurmountable are the barriers created through the collusion of vast financial, industrial, oil and rogue governmental interests. In short, the strategic barriers to the widespread adoption of these new electromagnetic energy-generating systems far exceed the technological ones.

1.5 Categories of Suppression

Our review of past and now-obscure technological breakthroughs shows that these inventions have been suppressed or seized by the following broad categories of actions

  1. 1.5.1  Acquisition of the technology by ‘front’ companies whose intent has been to ‘shelve’ the invention and prevent the device from coming to market.
  2. 1.5.2  Denial of patents and intellectual property protection by systematic action by the US and other patent offices.
  3. 1.5.3  Seizure or suppression of the technology by the illegal application of section 181 of the US Patent law or other illegal applications of national security provisions that result in the technology being classified or deemed “of significance to the national security”. Note that these applications are illegal actions taken by rogue, unsupervised individuals and entities who are working in collusion with interests to suppress these technologies.
  4. 1.5.4  Abuses by other regulatory or licensing entities, including but not limited to rogue elements within the Department of Defense, CIA, NSA, Federal Trade Commission, Department of Energy and others.
  5. 1.5.5  Targeting the inventor or company with financial scams, illegal financial arrangements that lead to the demise of the company, and similar traps.

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 5

  1. 1.5.6  Systematic interception of funds and essential financial support needed to develop and commercialize such fundamental new energy sources.
  2. 1.5.7  A pattern of harassment, bomb threats, theft and other shadowy actions that frighten, intimidate and demoralize those inventing, holding or developing such technologies; significant bodily harm and murder have also apparently occurred.
  3. 1.5.8  Inducements through significant financial buyouts, offers of positions of power and prestige and other benefits to the owner of such technologies to secure their cooperation in suppressing such technologies.
  4. 1.5.9  Scientific establishment prejudice and rejection of the technology in light of unconventional electromagnetic effects thought to be not possible by current scientific conventional wisdom.
  5. 1.5.10  Corruption of scientific entities and leaders through clandestine liaisons with rogue classified or shadowy private projects that intend to suppress such devices.
  6. 1.5.11  Corruption of major media entities and key figures through clandestine liaisons with rogue classified or private shadowy projects that intend to suppress such devices.

Considering the multiplicity of suppression techniques described above, a lone inventor or conventional R and D company can in no way overcome such obstacles. Therefore, a strategic plan and capability commensurate with these barriers must be devised and executed in order for these new technologies to succeed.

2.0 Strategic Plan Components to Safeguard Development

This brief overview illustrates the depth and breadth of the minimum strategy needed to move these technologies forward – and overcome the significant hurdles that exist in the status quo. The various components listed below must be carried out at the same time as the research and development phase in order to help ensure its success.

  1. 2.1  Use of intellectual property protection and patenting programs in the US and overseas that avoid triggering section 181 of the Patent Law and similar actions by rogue national security interests.
  2. 2.2  Scientific community education activities to create a core of mainstream and respected scientific and institutional support for this new science.
  3. 2.3  Political and governmental education activities to create firm support among political leaders, friendly government agencies, regulatory entities and others; an associated PAC (Political Action Committee) will need to provide support to those political leaders and groups that can in turn create real political currency in favor of these new energy systems.
  4. 2.4  Offshore (non-US) redundancy of technologies, resources and structural systems to ensure longevity in the event of catastrophic actions against the company or technology in the US.

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 6


  1. 2.5  Mass media and public support creation by professional disclosure of the technology as soon as it is secured; such mass communications disclosure of the technology entails enlisting a top five PR firm and mass media release of scientific and government laboratory findings in support of the claims of the technology. This plan also requires the ability to complete a massive media buy of ad space in the event that the media refuses to carry the story (we have sources inside the media and the rogue national security structures that have confirmed that the media has been and is controlled on these and related issues and that it is prudent to plan for some degree of media obstruction). Some 70% of Americans are concerned with the future of the environment and sustainability issues and this majority of the population can become a powerful force of support should attempts to suppress the technologies occur.
  2. 2.6  Careful liaison to existing mass movement groups and institutions that would naturally support the release and widespread adoption of such new energy systems; these include environmental organizations and agencies, anti-poverty groups and agencies, conservation and energy groups, international development groups and agencies, etc.
  3. 2.7  Outreach to oil producing countries and interests to negotiate performance-based inclusion of their interests in the dissemination of these new technologies, thus ‘hedging’ the negative long-term economic impact of these technologies on their core economic foundation. The concept here is to make potential adversaries interested allies – but with specific performance criteria that would preclude the obstruction or ‘shelving’ of the technology.
  4. 2.8  Education and development of further support within specific national security, military and intelligence arenas already friendly to the release of these technologies; a substantial level of support has been identified and can be further cultured in support of the safe and orderly release of these energy systems.
  5. 2.9  The inventors of these technologies will be specifically insulated from such threats and pressures, legal or otherwise, since the technology will be assigned to the company via a professional licensing agreement that protects the inventor; the inventor is further assured that the device will be massively disclosed and disseminated by a clause that allows the technology to revert back to the inventor should the development company not perform under specific criteria within a specified time.

Organizational Needs to Develop Breakthrough Energy Technologies (Example: Advanced Energy Research Organization – AERO)

An historical overview of overunity electric generators and other unconventional energy innovations shows that for at least 75 years, human society could have had a replacement for fossil fuels and the internal combustion engine. The fact that such energy breakthroughs are not in use today is ample evidence that the hurdles to the widespread use of such technologies is less about inventing such a system – or even about adequate funding – and primarily about ‘something else’.

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 7

Developing such a device – assuming it is robust, commercially viable and putting out real usable power – is less than 10% of the solution to this problem. The other 80-90% lies in this ‘something else’. This deals with the special interests, cartels, power centers and the like that do not want a replacement for oil, coal, centralized public utilities and the internal combustion engine. These groups have enormous power to block the release of such a new energy technology and have used many of the suppression activities listed above.

A company and its core leadership must have a track record of taking on very controversial, suppressed areas of knowledge, and credibly moving them into the public arena of support and disclosure. For example, AERO has a deep and wide area of expertise in dealing with so-called black and suppressed technology and information (see www.DisclosureProject.org). AERO has a vast network of consultants, advisors, supporters and contacts from a wide range of disciplines, including the most senior levels of the scientific, financial, governmental, military, international, media and diplomatic communities.

The average – even the exceptional – inventor simply cannot marshal the enormous power, public support, political support, clout and protective services needed to successfully move an overunity system from prototype to the world market. AERO can do this.

This combination – bold, courageous leadership along with a vast network of powerful financial, public and government support – makes AERO unique in the world today and the only really effective means of bringing these new energy technologies to the world.

This is that other 80% – that ‘something else’ – that has been missing for the past 75 years.


3.1 Important Restrictions for Anyone Developing These Technologies

  1. 3.1.1  They must not allow these technologies to be used for weapons development or weaponization and no technology should be licensed for any weapon applications.
  2. 3.1.2  The involvement of any funding source must be limited to 49% or less controlling interest in the technology for security reasons. In the past, financial and business interests have predictably ‘sold out’ to special interests in order to suppress such important and revolutionary energy developments. The developing entity must be firmly committed to fully disclosing and making widely available these earth-saving technologies. No amount of funding should result in the reversal of this policy.

Example List of Technologies

The following list of candidate technologies is presented here includes examples of technologies that could be developed over a several-year period with the proper funding (note that several

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 8

may take longer). Not all these technologies would need to be supported initially as there will have to be a very rigorous vetting of each technology during the initial stages to determine which ones have the best possibility of success. Estimated costs for simultaneous work on 6 of the projects are listed in the Example Budget section below (Section 5.0).

4.1 Solid-State Electromagnetic Free Energy Generator

This technology is truly revolutionary and extracts electromagnetic energy from the quantum vacuum field. The device is solid state, has no moving parts. The engineering team, with adequate funding support, will be able to create a multi-kilowatt freestanding free energy device within 12-18 months, ready for commercial application. The initial project objective will be the creation of portable power units, electronic power supply and internal units to use in power equipments and cabinets. These initial applications will be worldwide in scope. Later, home and business power units will be available. An example of this technology is described by Bearden (2002, Chapter 7).

4.2 Rotary Electromagnetic Free Energy Generators

These devices use a rotating electromagnetic field to extract energy from the quantum vacuum field (Bearden, 1995-1996). We have identified a number of inventors and companies working on their own variations of this technology. It is estimated that within one to two years with proper funding, one or several of these systems could be scaled to multiple kilowatts of usable output, adequate to run homes and small businesses.

4.3 Oscillated Power or Energy Resonance

Several inventors have developed Tesla’s concept of oscillated power so that a standard alternating current (AC), which has alternating current and voltage, has, in addition, alternating power. This reduces the amount of power the utilities must “push” down the lines to do work, allowing the present utilities to increase available power to customers without the huge cost of new power plants. This technology would permit large electric power users to reduce consumption by up to 50%, and could be adapted for integration into consumer products to make them extremely efficient.

4.4 Electromagnetic Lifter Technology

This technology has been developed by a brilliant mathematician and physicist who has elucidated the fundamental relationship between electromagnetism, magnetic fields and mass and gravity. Essentially, this technology, already developed to the level of a proof of principle system, allows for a reduction in mass, allowing for lift. The principles involved allow for creating free energy generation systems as well as advanced aerospace applications. Examples and scientific background of this technology have been described by Valone (1994, 2004), Cameron (2001), LaViolette (2008), and Loder (2002, included in Section 6.0 Appendix D).

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 9

4.5 Water-Enhanced Combustion Technology

There are numerous technologies using electrolysis to dissociate water into a mixture of hydrogen and oxygen (often termed Brown’s gas) that when added to the fuel stream in internal combustion engines reduces pollutants and “increases mileage”. The main problem with most of these technologies is that the amount of energy necessary to dissociate the water is approxi- mately equal to the amount of energy obtained during the combustion process, so there is no “energy gain”. However, several inventors have investigated the physics of water dissociation and are able to break down water to Brown’s gas using much less energy than physics predicts by using natural resonance frequencies of water dissociation. Both Dr. Andrija Puharich (1993) and Stanley Meyer (multiple patents, examples: 1986, 1989, 1992) developed ways to break water apart using these technologies.

4.6 Electrostatic Combustion Technology

This technology allows for a simple retrofit on existing internal combustion engines that reduces emissions by approximately 40% and increases fuel mileage by up to 20%. This inexpensive technology is applicable to diesel engines and large coal-fired industrial and electrical utilities, dramatically reducing acid rain and other pollution from existing power plants. (Note: more than 50% of US electricity is still produced by burning coal.) EPA labs and the Department of Transportation have evaluated this technology, and its efficacy has been proven.

4.7 Electromagnetic Free Energy Motor

We have acquired an expired patent, with complete drawings and specifications, for a free energy electromagnetic motor. This device was acquired over 20 years ago by financial and industrial interests that ‘black – shelved’ the technology.

4.8 Plasma Arc Reactor

We have identified an emerging company with proven plasma arc technology that completely reduces any organic, liquid waste material to a usable, clean-burning gas fuel. These reactors are already built and operating. This technology, if widely promoted and applied, would clean up and neutralize toxic waste sites, ‘Super-fund’ sites, treat radioactive waste material and other hazardous materials. This dual function – environmental cleanup and clean fuel generation- makes this technology an important part of the portfolio of emerging new energy systems.

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 10

4.9 Stubblefield Earth Battery and Communication Technologies

From the 1880s to the early 20th century, Nathan Stubblefield experimented with an electromagnetic induction wireless telephone that in his later research used natural conduction through the earth. He later (May 30, 1902), demonstrated this in Belmont Park, Philadelphia that has been memorialized in photograph of the attendees, which included Nicola Tesla. As Stubblefield continued his research he was able to power his system from the ground needing no external sources of power. The ground both provided the power and acted as the conductor of his signals. Unlike other researchers of the day, his system did not use spark gaps and it is suggested that the medium of the signal was not the normal electromagnetic waves (Hertzian waves) of today’s radio, but used either capacitance and later “earth magnetic waves”. Reports on his continued research into earth-powered technologies indicates that he was able to obtain both light and heat using the earth as a power source in addition to his communication technologies. This summary has been extracted from John Bedini’s website (Bedini, 2009) based in part on Vassilatos (1997). Note that recently concepts using non-electromagnetic fields for communication have been patented by Puthoff (1998).

4.10 Precursor Engineering Physics

Recently Thomas Bearden described some of the physics mechanisms that will allow the extraction of energy from the vacuum. He has written an easy-to-read briefing (Bearden 2009) entitled “Precursor Engineering and the Falsification of Modern Physics” which describes some history of energy physics and why energy science is at a stalemate today. A brief summary of this article is in Section 6.0, Appendix B of this briefing. It makes for very interesting reading and provides a clue as to why our energy sector is in such a mess and how we may get out of the dilemma. Included are a few of the far-reaching ideas and scientific references Bearden presents to get you intrigued. See the original article (Bearden 2009) to understand more fully the implications of what he is telling us.

He suggests that nothing less than “directly engineering physical reality at will” is possible using the Nobel laureate physicist Paul Dirac’s concept of “local vacuum tickling” (Dirac, 1928). This is obviously a potentially powerful use of physics that can be used to help in the extraction of zero point energy, but will require significant research to fulfill its promise.

4.11 Kowsky-Frost Antigravity Technology

In 1927 an article was published in the German journal, Radio Umschau (Anonymous, 1927a) describing research experiments by Prof. Kowsky and his engineer Mr. Frost. They discovered that if they placed a quartz crystal inside a metal box and treated it with high-powered radio waves the crystal expanded and caused the whole apparatus weighing 55 pounds to rise in the air. Later that year these results were published in a US magazine (Anonymous, 1927b) that is included in Section 6.0, Appendix C of this briefing. Research into these effects may lead to commercial anti-gravity or counter-gravity technologies that would revolutionize transportation throughout the world and need to developed.

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 11

4.12 Other Potential Energy Producing Technologies

In addition to the above listed technologies, we at AERO are working with over a dozen other technologies (some listed below) that with proper funding could be developed to the robust demonstration stage. Furthermore, we expect that once AERO or any other company has announced that they will be supporting Research and Development of overunity type of energy technologies, there will be a flood of inventors coming forth with other technologies not listed. We also expect that when these inventors realize that they have a safe place to continue their work, we may rapidly have access to already-developed “robust demonstrator” devices speeding up their commercial development. All technologies will need to be reviewed, to find those that appear to offer the best opportunity for success.


Some examples of these other possible technologies include:

  1. A simple oscillating electronic circuit that puts out more energy as resistance heat than required to drive the device (nominally 1 watt in and greater than 10 watts out).
  2. A solid state-switching device to pulse batteries with high voltage spikes to charge them to levels not normally obtainable by ordinary commercial charging technology (now commercially available).
  3. A diode array solid-state chip, which refrigerates as it produces electrical power.
  4. Several solid-state devices that extract energy from the quantum vacuum using eithercopper sheet/tube collectors or ceramic/metal materials on which are imposed very

    high frequency oscillations.

  5. There are at least 6 different technologies that can be used to increase mileage (reducefuel consumption) for gas burning generators and vehicles in addition to the ones

    described in the main section above.

  6. Several different inventors have offered us overunity rotary motor energy producingsystems that need verification, further testing and development.
  7. Commercialization of the scientifically proven phenomenon, the Bohren effect. Thiseffect involves the use of low powered laser light input to a solution to which an

    optically scattering medium has been added.

  8. A low powered solid-state battery using quantum crystal energy cells treated withhigh frequency plasma fields. Example prototypes presently exist.
  9. Solid-state quantum cooling devices that require no energy input for long periods of time once they are charged, that can be applied to home or commercial refrigerationneeds.
  10. Commercialization of increased efficiency solar cells coupled with decreasedfabrication costs to bring solar cell technology more in line with conventional technologies.

Example Budget Summary

This example budget summary is based on the assumption that there are 6 projects ongoing at the same time and not all projects will take 3 years to develop, so there will be overlap. It is for example purposes only.

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 12

SUMMARY 3 YEAR BUDGET Year 1 Year 2 Year 3 3 Yr Costs

Research & Development Equipment/Materials

General Lab Equipment Project Specific Equipment Machine Shop Equipment Project Specific Materials

Total Equipment/Supplies Budget

300,000 400,000 175,000 600,000 1,475,000

30,000 300,000 25,000 600,000


30,000 200,000 25,000 600,000


360,000 900,000 225,000 1,800,000


Facilities Budget

Lease (3 yr.) 9730 sq. ft. facility @ $.80/sq. ft. Leasehold Improvements -1 Location
Office Equipment (plus computers and software) Utilities (5% inc/yr)

Telephone (5% inc/yr)
Internet Access (5% inc/yr)
Security Consulting, Systems, & Processes

Total Facilities Budget

93,408 89,568 250,000 30,000 200,000 30,000

24,000 25,200 21,600 22,680 7,200 7,560 400,000 400,000 996,208 605,008

89,568 20,000 30,000 26,460 23,814

7,938 400,000 597,780

272,544 300,000 260,000

75,660 68,094 22,698



Technical Development Team

Mechanical Engineers (10) @85K/yr (5% inc/yr) Electrical Engineers (10) @85K/yr (5% inc/yr) Technical Assistants (8) @60K/yr (5% inc/yr) Inventors (6) @150K/yr (5% inc/yr)

Machinist (1) @100K/yr (5% inc/yr) Employee Taxes & Benefits (20%)

Total Technical Development Team Budget

Strategic and Administrative Expenses

Administrative Salaries (5% inc/yr)
Admin. Support Salaries (5% inc/yr)
Consultants – Technical (12 @75000) (5% inc/yr) Employee Taxes & Benefits (20%)
Science Advisory Board (honorarium) (5% inc/yr) Licensing Fees (est. 6 inventors)
Consultants – Patent
Legal & Accounting
Subcontracted Technical Testing
Software Costs (upgrades, etc)
Supply Costs (5% inc/yr)
Publicity and Press Conference Costs
Media Advertising
Government Relations, Consulting/Planning Travel Expenses (Staff) (5% inc/yr)
Travel Expenses (Advisory Boards) (5% inc/yr) Misc. & Contingency Expenses (5% inc/yr) Offshore Redundancy & Offices (5% inc/yr)

Total Administrative Costs
Total Example Budget for 3 Years

850,000 850,000 480,000 900,000

95,000 635,000 3,810,000

1,300,000 680,000 900,000 486,000

64,000 1,200,000 100,000 200,000 100,000 20,000 84,000 300,000 500,000 500,000 600,000 80,000 1,000,000 1,000,000 9,114,000

892,500 937,125 892,500 937,125 504,000 529,200 945,000 992,250

99,750 104,738 666,750 700,088 4,000,500 4,200,525

1,365,000 1,433,250 714,000 749,700 945,000 992,250 510,300 535,815

67,200 70,560 0 0 150,000 150,000 200,000 200,000 200,000 200,000 35,000 35,000 88,200 92,610 325,000 325,000 500,000 500,000 500,000 500,000 630,000 661,500 84,000 88,200 1,050,000 1,102,500 1,050,000 1,102,500 8,413,700 8,738,885

2,679,625 2,679,625 1,513,200 2,837,250

299,488 2,001,838 $12,011,025

4,098,250 2,143,700 2,837,250 1,532,115

201,760 1,200,000 400,000 600,000 500,000 90,000 264,810 950,000 1,500,000 1,500,000 1,891,500 252,200 3,152,500 3,152,500 $26,266,585


Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09

p. 13

6.0 Appendix A. General References on Energy Technologies

This list is not meant to be thorough, but to guide the reader to books and articles of a broad general nature in the field of “zero point energy” or “free energy”. Some of the references include 100s of their own citations, while a search on Google results in millions of results.

Allan, S.D. (2007). PES Network Inc. Available at: http://www.pureenergysystems.com/: Major source for alternate energy news with many contributors. Many technology details found at: www.PESWiki.com.

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Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 14

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6.0 Appendix B. Precursor Engineering – Review of Issues

Recently Thomas Bearden described some of the physics mechanisms that will allow the extraction of energy from the vacuum. He has written an easy-to-read briefing (Bearden 2009) entitled “Precursor Engineering and the Falsification of Modern Physics” which describes some of the history of energy physics and why energy science is at a stalemate today. It makes for very interesting reading and provides a clue as to why our energy sector is in such a mess and how we may get out of the dilemma. Below are a few of the far-reaching ideas and scientific

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 15

references Bearden presents to get you intrigued. Please see the original article (Bearden 2009) to understand more fully the implications of what he is telling us.

He suggests that nothing less than “directly engineering physical reality at will.” is possible using the Nobel laureate physicist Paul Dirac’s concept of “local vacuum tickling” (Dirac, 1928 Royal Society Series A, Vol. 117 (778), p. 610-624).

How might this happen? Well, in the classical concept of the “probabilities” vacuum, there are positive energy/positive probabilities of ever-higher energy interactions that ultimately result in the creation of every “observable” in the universe. Basically, the observable universe is “continually being created and ‘happening’ at an incredible rate” by these positive energy/positive probabilities.

Now, what if there was a way to produce some sort of negative energy/negative probabilities (negative E)?

Dirac describes the removal of the negative energy from physics: “One gets over the difficulty on the classical theory by arbitrarily excluding those solutions that have a negative E. One cannot do this in the quantum theory, since in general a perturbation will cause transitions from states with E positive to states with E negative.” [Dirac, Proc. of the Royal Society A, Vol. 117, p. 610- 624]. Here he suggests that tiny perturbations will produce negative energy in the affected region of the vacuum. In other words, tiny-energy sharp-gradient pulses will add “negative probabilities” into a specific region so that highest “positive probabilities” that create and hold together a physical structure start to “unhappen”.

For example, if the correct sharp-gradient pulse were applied to water, the OH-bond positive- probability that holds water together would start to “unhappen” and the water molecules would just come apart as their OH bonds start to vanish statistically.

As our aware readers of The Orion Project (www.theorionproject.org) may quickly realize, this suggests a powerful tool in the breaking apart of water to produce a combustible mixture of H and O or hydroxy (Brown’s) gas. This is what might have been done by Stan Meyer, Dr. John Kanzius and other researchers, who used various pulsed electromagnetic energies to break apart water. They probably did this without an understanding of this potential mechanism. This mechanism of negative energy “unhappening”, as Bearden describes it, can also be used in the “unhappening” of some diseases, another area of present research.

Finally, it is interesting to note that the concepts of “negative energy occur in the Schrödinger equation and in Dirac’s relativistic electron theory, and so there it is in the very foundations of physics.” Yet during the 1930’s some physicists, afraid of the implications of this negative energy, removed as much of this knowledge as possible from classical physics. As noted by Hotson, “I think if one had to point to a single place where science went profoundly and permanently off the track, it would be 1934 and the emasculation of Dirac’s equation.” [D. L. Hotson, "Dirac’s Equation and the Sea of Negative Energy," Part I, New Energy, Issue 43, 2002, pp. 1-20. Quote is from p. 1.]

Bearden calls the application of these processes “precursor engineering, since one is directly engineering the ongoing creative bubble set of an observable entity, by not only “happening” the

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 16

statistical processes involved in it, but also by selectively “unhappening” the entire set or selected parts of it.”

The ultimate application of such technology will allow “humankind to enter into the “final physics” and allow direct engineering of physical reality itself”, hopefully for the overall betterment of mankind.

6.0 Appendix C. Description of the Kowsky-Frost Experiment

The following article was reprinted from the September, 1927 issue of Science and Invention (page 398) and copied from the following website with permission: http://www.keelynet.com/gravity/KFrost.htm . A version of this paper with the original figures can be found at: www.theorionproject.org/en/research.html .

Quartz Crystals Charged by High Frequency Current Lose their Weight

Although some remarkable achievements have been made with shortwave low power transmitters, radio experts and amateurs have recently decided that shortwave transmission had reached its ultimate and that no vital improvement would be made in this line. A short time ago, however, two young European experimenters working with ultra short waves, have made a discovery that promises to be of primary importance to the scientific world.

The discovery was made about six weeks ago in a newly established central laboratory of the Nessartsadding-Werke in Darredein, Poland, by Dr. Kowsky and Engineer Frost. While experimenting with the constants of very short waves, carried on by means of quartz resonators, a piece of quartz which was used, suddenly showed a clearly altered appearance. It was easily seen that in the center of the crystal, especially when a constant temperature not exceeding ten degrees C. (50 degrees F.) was maintained, milky cloudiness appeared which gradually developed to complete opacity.

The experiments of Dr. Meissner, of the Telefunken Co., along similar lines, according to which quartz crystals, subjected to high frequency currents clearly showed air currents that led to the construction of a little motor based on this principle. A week of eager experimenting finally led Dr. Kowsky and Engineer Frost to the explanation of the phenomenon, and further experiments showed the unexpected possibilities for technical uses for the discovery.

Some statements must precede the explanation. It is known at least in part, that quartz and some other crystals of similar atomic nature, have the property when exposed to potential excitation in a definite direction, of stretching and contracting; and if one uses rapidly changing potentials, the crystals will change the electric waves into mechanical oscillations.

This piezoelectric effect, shown in Rochelle salt crystals by which they may be made in sound producing devices such as loudspeakers, or reversely into microphones, also shows the results in

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 17

this direction. This effect was clearly explained in August, 1925 Radio News and December, 1919 Electrical Experimenter. These oscillations are extremely small, but have nevertheless their technical use in a quartz crystal wave meter and in maintaining a constant wavelength in radio transmitters. By a special arrangement of the excitation of the crystal in various directions, it may be made to stretch or increase in length and will not return to its original size.

It seems as if a dispersal of electrons from a molecule resulted, which, as it is irreversible, changes the entire structure of the crystal, so that it cannot be restored to its former condition.

The stretching out, as we may term this strange property of the crystal, explains the impairment of its transparency. At the same time a change takes place in its specific gravity. Testing it on the balance showed that after connecting the crystal to the high tension current, the arm of the balance on which the crystal with the electrical connections rests, rose into the air.

This pointed the way for further investigation and the determination of how far the reduction of the specific gravity could be carried out. By the use of greater power, finally to the extent of several kilowatts and longer exposure to the action, it was found eventually that from a little crystal, 5 by 2 by 1.5 millimeters, a non-transparent white body measuring about ten centimeters on the side resulted, or increased about 20 times in length on any side.

The transformed crystal was so light that it carried the whole apparatus with itself upwards, along with the weight of twenty-five kilograms (55 lbs.) suspended from it and floating free in the air. On exact measurement and calculations, which on account of the excellent apparatus in the Darredein laboratory, could be readily carried out, it was found that the specific gravity was reduced to a greater amount than the change in volume would indicate. Its weight had become practically negative.

There can be no doubt that a beginning has been made toward overcoming gravitation. It is to be noted, however, that the law of conservation of energy is absolutely unchanged. The energy employed in treating the crystal, appears as the counter effect of gravitation. Thus the riddle of gravitation is not fully solved as yet, and the progress of experiments will be followed further.

It is, however, the first time that experimentation with gravitation, which hitherto has been beyond the pale of all such research, has become possible, and it seems as if there were a way discovered at last to explain the interrelations of gravity with electric and magnetic forces, which connection, long sought for, has never been demonstrated. This report appears in a reliable German journal*, “Radio Umschau.”

*NOTE: The reference for the Radio Umschau article referred to above is: Ueberwindung der Schwerkraft? Ein neuer Erfolg der Quarzkristallforschung. Radio Umschau. pp. 218-220. April 1, 1927.

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 18

6.0 Appendix D. “Outside the Box” Space and Terrestrial Transportation and Energy Technologies for the 21st Century

(PDF version available on the Web at: http://www.theorionproject.org/en/research.html)

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 19

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 20

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 21

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 22

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 23

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 24

Summary of Breakthrough Energy Technologies, 2/13/09 p. 25

Major Milton John Torres by Geoffrey Dean Torres My Favorite Testimony EVER CHD 5-03

Good day,
My name is Geoffrey Dean Torres. I am the son of Major Milton John Torres. My father served in the USAF from 1951 to 1971. Regrettably my father cannot attend this hearing as he now is suffering from ill health directly related to combat from the Vietnam War. I told him I was coming on his behalf and he let me know he was happy and he expressed his approval that I could come to tell his story.
First of all I would like to give you a brief history of my father and his accomplishments. Dad earned a Bachelor’s Degree in General engineering with a minor in Chemistry, and he completed his Master’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Oklahoma in 1961. His military career was spent over the span of 20 years.
Dad served as a fighter pilot flying the F86 D, as well as the F100. He was a decorated pilot achieving the title of USAF command pilot. Dad flew over 300 combat missions in Vietnam. Serving as a FAC pilot he was decorated with 13 air medals including the Distinguished Flying Cross.
My Father attained the rank of Major as well during his career he also worked with NASA, as the Chief of Range control for the Gemini and Apollo moon missions. After Dad retired from the
Page 1 of 7
GD Torres’ Testimony
United States Airforce, Dad worked for PAN AM Airlines as an engineer, and later acquired his Doctorate in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Miami. My father’s last job was as a professor at Florida International University (FIU) teaching engineering.
During his tenure at FIU he invented a chemical and coating process using a polymer to prevent catastrophic metal fatigue on aircraft and received a patent for that process. Dad retired from FIU in 2004.
So now to Dad’s story and the event that happened. I will go into some details that he shared with our family. But before I do, I want to point out that my father kept this secret well over 50 years. He held this secret as an honorable man who deeply loved this country.
Sadly my father kept this secret from all of his family. Not even telling his father this story of whom he was very close. It wasn’t until much later that the events that unfolded became public knowledge. He would never have discussed this event if not for it being declassified by Nick Pope from the United Kingdom minister of Defense. After the event was declassified Dad shared this story often with our family.
It was on May 20, 1957, Page 2 of 7
GD Torres’ Testimony
Dad was stationed at RAF Manston England. Dad was working on intercept standby. Of course this was cycled between the pilots. This particular event, it was Dad’s turn. Dad was flying the F86 D, this Aircraft was a D model which meant it was an all weather fighter.
Dad told me that RAF Manston was a main intercept squadron during the cold war. Well, Dad was on alert with his wingman and some of the ground crew in the ready room. That night was a typical English night with the weather being poor and foggy. The notification came to the ready room indicating a scramble Dad ran for his plane.
“The scramble was initiated”
Dad jumped into his cockpit. Upon getting the authentication code to fire he then realized this was no drill. This would be a “hot” mission!
He had orders to shoot this thing down. Dad told me he thought that he may be starting WW III if he were to shoot down a Russian Aircraft. All kinds of thoughts were in his head. The intercept Controller ordered Dad to fire a full salvo of all 24 rockets at this object. Whatever this object was, they wanted it down.
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GD Torres’ Testimony
Dad told me later that he knew full well of how serious an event this was. Dad was now in his aircraft as his aircraft came to life. He was given the order to “Go Gate” which meant full afterburners were to be used. After getting airborne, Dad was told to vector over the North Sea.
The object had been sighted hovering over east Ipswich. Dad told me he had confirmation of the target acquisition from the ground radar. His jet flying with full afterburners was now flying towards the North Sea. Dad was flying 32000 feet in full afterburner in heavy cloud cover with zero visibility.
However his radar was painting a target as big as an aircraft carrier at that altitude. Dad was fast approaching the target at full afterburner. The object kept pulling in front of him just beyond range. Finally he was able to lock his radar on the object.
Dad said this thing was huge, and the blip was so big that it was easy to get a target acquisition. Right before he got the instruction to fire from radar control set.
The target then made an erratic side to side movement and moved beyond range causing Dad to lose his lock on the target.
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GD Torres’ Testimony
The object then accelerated from 0 to mach 10 in seconds. Dad was unable to fire as a result. Dad told me his radar, his wingman’s radar and ground radar confirmed it as well, all saw the same object. Then the object accelerated outside of his range. The ground radar confirmed the same and all lost contact. Dad told me everybody was wondering what the hell happened?
The most compelling thing Dad said was that this thing was doing things no ordinary aircraft could do. It was defying the laws of physics he said. Not only did it defy the laws of physics but it flew at incredible speeds flying at well over mach 10. There was nothing in the Air Force at that time that could come close to that. The F86 D could barely achieve Mach 1.
My father confided in me that this Aircraft had to be of alien origin, and he was convinced of it. Upon landing his Aircraft Dad was contacted by the Intercept officer on a secure phone. The person on the line told him that what happened was considered classified and not to discuss this with anyone, from his wingman, to his commander. He would be debriefed in the morning from someone from the National Security Agency.
Dad told me, he realized how lucky he was, as if he did manage to fire at this object it probably would have vaporized him. The following day, Dad reported for duty. A call came in that a man
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GD Torres’ Testimony
from the NSA was coming to brief him. An enlisted man that brought a “spook” to meet him, as Dad called him.
The man from the NSA showed Dad his credentials and then went on to tell Dad that if this story was to be told to anyone Dad would lose his wings, or worse. That was enough of a threat to a fighter pilot, to tell him he would never fly again.
Later, after these events became declassified, Dad was contacted by a letter from the enlisted man who brought the “spook” to brief Dad. Also he received a letter from a gentleman who reported he was on the ground radar on that particular event and there were several other sightings during that time.
Our family was impacted by this event and the disclosure effected Dad in a profound way. Our family even faced ridicule and skepticism from strangers. My brother received phone calls from strangers that accessed his number from the phone book, trying to discredit Dad’s testimony and say things like Dad was delusional, making our a mockery of our Father. I myself received demeaning notes on my work locker making a mockery of Dad’s newspaper account.
Our father did the honorable thing, and had no agenda, only to do the right thing. And yet people mocked his good name for giving a clear account of what he experienced.
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GD Torres’ Testimony
For us it is much more personal to have a great man like our Father to be dragged in the mud for keeping a secret. But we believe in his testimony and his report shows with clarity, what that event was, and his record speaks for itself.
I ask that the veil of secrecy be lifted, to show us the truth so others won’t be ridiculed in the same way.
I ask that you open up the files so the world can see that these things are real and that our government is not afraid to be truthful to her citizens.
I ask that in the name of my father and men and women like him who have seen these Unidentified Flying Objects to be given a voice and to be heard.
Least of all, I ask that all of these efforts and sacrifices to not be in vain.
Thank you
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GD Torres’ Testimony

Richard Dolan The Truth Embargo CHD 5-03

Richard Dolan Citizens’ Hearing Truth Embargo
One of the striking thing about UFOs is the discrepancy between the quantity of astonishing sightings on the one hand, and the lack of responsible treatment of it by our major media, our academic and scientific institutions, and our political system.
This is a shame, because there is very good research is being done every day. Many of those researchers have been here this week. Others are out there, too, such as the National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena (NARCAP), which collects and analyzes encounters that the aviation industry has with unknown objects. There are thousands of such cases. Another group is Project 1947, which has done documented UFO phenomena during the early cold war years. There are outstanding research websites, such as UFOevidence.org. There are also many excellent research groups in Europe and elsewhere in the world.
None of them get any love from America’s dumdum media, which prefers to lump the whole subject into a big tin foil hat and instead write about the latest escapes of Kim Kardashian.
But this is a symptom of a deeper problem. To understand why there is a truth embargo we need to come to terms with the fact that America’s major media groups lost their independence a long time ago. We all know about media consolidation, we all know about the intimate relationships that have existed for years between the elite members in the corporate media empire and the political leadership, and particular with the military and intelligence community.
Last year — one example only — it was learned that the Pentagon spends some $4 billion a year to sway public opinion. Aside from asking just why Americans ought to be paying their own government to brainwash them — I mean, talk about getting shafted both ways — this is simply one facet of many that highlights a revolving door through which passes the military-industrial complex, the media, the academic community, and more. National Security money, which is our nation’s greatest and most egregious waste of all, has infiltrated everything, and that certainly means the once-upon-a-time integrity of our journalists and media corporations.
This is repugnant to any freedom loving people. But those individuals benefitting from this system are not freedom loving — unless they mean their own freedom.
The bottom line is that, because UFOs are a definite matter of national security, those national security decision makers have made it certain that this subject

remains out of sight as much as possible. Is this not obvious, by now? Why would they do this? Well, many reasons.
Let’s touch on the matter of oil. Because even a child can understand that that these objects do not need oil to travel from Point A to Point B. Whatever powers flying saucers is something different, something better. So if the President were to announce the reality of these things, how long do you think it would be before scientists openly begin to study the nature of the propulsion and power system of UFOs? This would immediately challenge oil, not simply as the world’s leading source of power. But it would severely threaten the entire global financial system, which is based on oil. Probably 90 percent of the value of any product you can think of is determined by the energy that went into making and transporting it. In most cases, that means oil. To say nothing of the millions of jobs that rely on the petroleum industry. We’re talking One. Big. Overhaul. Of everything that matters in the global economy.
Can we think for an instant that those individuals “in the know” haven’t thought about this?
Especially if there is that holy grail involved: some form of free energy. What if this new form of energy can’t easily be monetized? What if? Could the global financial structure afford free energy? A perverse question, to be sure, but one that has to be important to those individuals at the top of the human power structure.
And of course, there is the political nightmare. Any announcement of this reality would come at the cost of worldwide public anger. No one wants to learn they have been lied to for an entire human lifetime. They would want to know just how this secret was kept. That’s a big key right there. That would lead inevitably to questions about why Congress was kept out of the loop, why our major institutions missed the boat, and just who has been managing the secret.
That would lead, obviously, to a wholesale investigation of Black Budget America. Shining sunlight into a very dark place.
What might we find? Well, consider, just consider, that Roswell was indeed what the researchers here two days ago discussed so eloquently and cogently. That it was the retrieval of alien technology, and perhaps bodies. In fact, there are a number of well researched UFO crash events. Suppose for a moment that it happened.
That would mean that the coverup involves much more than mere knowledge of other beings here on Planet Earth. It would mean there is possession of such advanced technology as to be nearly incomprehensible, at least at first. Hard to consider, right? And yet, an inevitable conclusion.
So, what happens when teams of brilliant scientists, with total secrecy, and nearly limitless black budget funds, are able to study recovered alien technology for many years, and even decades?
Could it not be that, given enough time and effort, even if they couldn’t replicate what they found, they might have learned a few things. Such claims have been made, and it is reasonable to suppose that breakthroughs would have been made. Breakthroughs such as solid-state electronics, fiber optics, high-tensile fibers, lasers, and an array of other money-making opportunities for the defense and other industries. None of this has been proven, but it is also true that the private research undertaken in classified environments is not easy for outside researchers to observe. In fact, it would be be very easy to hide the Roswell connection in the historical treatment of these and other technologies.
Another relevant consideration of such breakthroughs is that they would reduce to zero any incentive to reveal the secret to the public. Why give up the goose that lays golden eggs?
But now matters become even more interesting. Because what if some of the breakthroughs were even more significant? What if they included secrets to what is known as field propulsion or electrogravitics? What if they led to a new source of energy, something that could replace petroleum?
To those managing these Special Access Programs, they could never allow such breakthroughs to see the light of day. Of course, those scientists doing the research would need to continue and learn everything they could about electrogravitics, antigravity, new sources of energy, and any related topics.
Consider also, what happens when such breakthroughs become classified? We know it happens, all too frequently, that public science has become hostage to national security. What we are looking at is a situation in which the classified, black budget world — at least part of it — has gone so far ahead of the rest of us, that we may with justice almost look upon them as a separate society. Something I have sometimes called “a breakaway civilization.”
How far ahead might some of that classified world be? Those of us on the outside, trying to peek in, can only make educated guesses — or investigate occasional leaks. My own conclusion, at least for now, is that they are very far ahead indeed, with the ability even to enter and leave Earth orbit with much greater ease than people suspect, perhaps a clandestine space fleet, most likely a significant built infrastructure, a large portion of which is deep underground. And even — why not? — interactions or encounters with non-human intelligences. Why would that be so impossible?
To what extent would such a group even answer to the President of the United
States? Do they, rather, answer to private international financial powers, which is basically how the entire world already operates?
I had a long conversation once with a retired senior intelligence official. He had given briefings to President Reagan. This man knows a very great deal about UFOs. He told me that he has spoken to 18 former Presidents, CIA Directors, and DoD Secretaries about UFOs. Their attitudes fell into three categories. One group, of roughly 3 or 4 of them, said essentially, “what’s wrong with you? why wasted your time with that nonsense?” Another equally small group made it clear that they had been briefed on the matter and knew this was very serious. But the largest group, at least half of these individuals, who had been at the pinnacle of power, said, “you know about UFOs? I would love to know about that but got nowhere. Can you share what you know?”
In other words, our top political leadership, with a few exceptions, is locked out of this subject. Because they come and go, but the programs managers are lifers. They seem to answer to someone else.
Recall the words of the late Senator Daniel Inouye from 1987.
“There exists a shadowy Government with its own Air Force, its own Navy, its own fundraising mechanism, and the ability to pursue its own ideas of the national interest, free from all checks and balances, and free from the law itself.”
He was onto something.
The things that are real are the things that are denied to us. The things that we see in our dumdum media are the most illusory. This is no accident.
But not everyone can sit passively, avoiding the difficult questions. It is up to those people who care enough to become warriors for truth. I don’t pretend this is easy. It can be maddeningly difficult. In so doing, we find ourselves at odds with a formidable structure of power.
Still, in the context of something as brief and ephemeral as a human life, what can be more rewarding, what more worthy, than an unswerving dedication to the fight for Truth?

Richard Dolan Disclosure is Inevitable CHD 5-03

Richard Dolan Citizen’s Hearing Disclosure
I’ve often felt that disclosure on the matter of UFOs and possible ETs is a paradox. It is impossible, but it is inevitable.
Impossible because there is no political motivation for it. Period.
Inevitable, however, because our leaders are not the only factor in the equation. There are the other beings, after all. But mainly, there’s us. The People. Who are going through the greatest social, cultural, and especially technological transformation in the history of humanity. In fact, we are the game changers.
Someday, and it won’t be too long in the future, something is going to force someone’s hand. It could be a major sighting, a major leak, something. Something that can no longer be denied. After all, we are fast approaching what experts in artificial intelligence call the Singularity, when computing intelligence exceeds our own. In such a future, can we really think we will still be stuck in neutral on this issue?
Something will force the President’s hand. He or she will finally hold that long awaited press
conference and make that bombshell understatement: “I have been advised by the national Security Council, and heads of our intelligence community that there is a reality to some of the UFO phenomenon, in that some UFOs are real physical craft not manufactured by any known civilization on earth.”
Or, words to that effect. It’s the kind of statement that many proponents of UFO disclosure would like to hear, but the real question is, what next? Because there will be quite a few follow-up questions.
At the top of the list will be questions about who these other beings are and what their agenda might be. This will be a very difficult question for any President to answer. In the first place, there is a likelihood that even the leaders of the black budget/breakaway society that have been on top of this for years, they may not even know. Or at least not fully. And what if they do know? And, moreover, what if at least some of that answer includes information that might be deeply upsetting? Divining the intentions of non-human visitors–or permanent residents–might not be the easiest thing to do, but it’s entirely possible, judging from the data we do have, that some of them don’t really care very much about humanity. Some may, some may not. What if an agenda has
been determined within the intelligence community, and this agenda includes an eventual replacement of humanity by some sort of alien-hybrid species? This is what some abduction researchers believe. And even if that isn’t true, does any President honestly believe he or she can contain rampant speculation along these lines?
Even if the intentions of these other beings are said to be neutral or positive, there will clearly be tremendous suspicion by large swaths of humanity. This will not be an easy sell. There will already be a sizable number of people predisposed to interpreting these other these beings as nothing less than demonic. Short of bringing one of these entities to a podium and subjecting it to hours and days and weeks of questions by an insatiable public, it is very likely that any moment of disclosure will not satisfy the public the way it would like to be regarding these alien motivations.
That’s only the beginning of the problems. One early and obvious question that will arise, one which will have deep, profound political implications, will be the very simple “how have you managed to keep this secret all these years?”
Consider that our entire society has been told that UFOs do not represent anything truly anomalous, that ET’s or aliens are definitely not here on Earth
interacting with us, that UFO believers may be well-meaning but had been mistaken about all of that. This has been a mindset embedded within all of our major institutions. Our educational institutions from primary school through universities and postdoctoral levels. Throughout our major news organizations, in which an open belief in UFOs is a third rail for one’s career. Throughout our scientific establishment for sure, and also throughout our political structure. Political careers have been destroyed, or at least severely undermined, by the UFO taint. Remember what happened to Dennis Kucinich in 2008 after it became known that many years before he had seen a UFO. Never mind the fact that the two witnesses he had been with came out and corroborated the sighting. They saw the same thing. All of these institutions and others have treated the UFO topic as nothing more than a joke, something suitable for immature minds. Can it really be that professors throughout the United States uniformly have dismissed this phenomenon without any cooperation from the intelligence community? Ditto with the world of science, politics, and media? Well, no, not when the most modest amount of research shows strong intelligence community influence over all of those institutions.
In other words people will see very clearly that the
national security apparatus has created a global culture that has suffocated the truth. Researchers will begin to investigate in a serious way just how these relationships have undermined the credibility of all of those institutions, and undermined our apprehension of truth.
The result will be a major cultural and institutional housecleaning. But it won’t stop there. Citizens will naturally want to know specifics about the structure of secrecy itself. That is, they will want to know, if the US president has been out of the loop all these years, as it seems, then who exactly has been in the loop? Who has been running the UFO cover- up?
If the answer is anything along the lines of my own research so far, it will show that the cover-up has long ago gravitated away from formal presidential authority into international and private hands. It’s not that the US president is a nonplayer in all of this, but rather is more like the public face of the true power elite that stands behind. We all have come to understand this when it comes to power in general, and this will likely be the case when we begin a sophisticated analysis of UFO secrecy.
In other words, the moment of disclosure will trigger an intellectual revolution worldwide relating to the true structure of power on planet Earth. It will
be a moment in which the world sees and acknowledges that the Emperor is wearing nothing at all.
The political fallout will be tremendous, and a great battle will develop within the first year of Disclosure. Think of it this way. Just because the president has been forced into making an announcement doesn’t mean that the CIA and all the other intelligence groups that had been managing this will simply walk away from the table. There has clearly been a concerted effort spanning an entire human lifetime to control this topic. A great deal has been invested, and mere disclosure is not going to change that. The real issue in the immediate post-disclosure world will be: who controls the spin on the story?
Because right away there will be a great divide, a grand chasm. Once this topic is out on the table for open discussion, you can be sure that people around the world will be demanding answers. You can be just as sure that on the other side of the fence, information will be handed out as sparingly as possible. Government spin doctors will be out in great numbers trying to control the situation according to national security policy, but this time independent UFO researchers may very well get a public hearing that they had never gotten before. If the official spokespersons are making misleading
or false statements, it’s going to be much easier, post-disclosure, for independent researchers to point this out. Because this time, the world will be much more likely to listen. And there will be many, many more investigators into this topic after disclosure than there are today. How all that will turn out only time will tell.
There are so many other messy issues relating to global finance, energy, truth commissions, lawsuits, cultural transformations, cultural wars, religious/spiritual changes, scientific paradigm shifts, and ultimately geopolitical changes that will allow us to meet the challenge of “others” here on Planet Earth in some sort of coordinated, hopefully logical manner, and even more hopefully, in some way that answers to the people rather than a handful of elite human players.
For that, we will need a groundswell of public pressure from below, and tremendous political energy, ethics, and courage to take on the black budget culture that has dominated this subject for so long, and begin a long, hard fight to reclaim some measure of freedom and dignity for humanity while we begin a new, better, and more mature phase of our existence.

Lt. Col. Richard French UFOs Underwater in Germany CHD 5-03

I am Lt. Col. Richard French
A fighter pilot in both Korea and Vietnam.
During a number of flights of mine, and flying partners, we witnessed the sighting of a number of UFOs.
I am going to point out first, the ones that stand out most in my mind.
I was in Spangdahalen, Germany, when I received a telephone call from the OSI District Office Commander to go and investigate a report of UFOs in the water in Nufaland. Approximately 4 hurs later, I arrived to find a crowd standing in the warf. There were divers in the water using scuba equipment, and was only able to go about 50’ down. The water was very clear, and we cold see 2 UFO’s approximately 100’ down.
At first I did not see any motion around them. They were disc shaped and suddenly on of them came out of the water at a speed estimated at 100 miles per hour, leaving a big splash and accelerated to a speed of approximately 2,000 miles per hour, and then disappeared.
I did not keep exact time, but estimated to be going about 1 hour to 1 1⁄2 hours before returning. When it returned, it entered the water at about 100 miles per hour, and joined up with the one left behind.
It appeared they were working on the one left behind. About 15 minutes leter, they both came to surface at about 100 miles per hour, and accelerated to 2,000 miles per hour, and then disappeared.
Speeds were estimated by triangulation to be in excess of 2,000 miles per hour, and then disappeared.
After they departed, I returned to Spain and made my report to Col. Rayner.
I was on my way to Libya, just short of reaching the northern extreme of the Mediterranean Sea. I looked to my left and approximately 5 miles away was a lighted UFO. It went down in to the center of Mt. Blance. That was the first to me that I had ever seen a UFO enter a volcano, and come back, and it was undamaged. Since then, I have witnessed a number of times when UFO’s did this.
The next time was Hawaii. Then in the Philippine Islands; Mount Pinetibo.
On my arrival in Libya was the beginning of the America’s Co. problems, being nationalized by King Idris of Libya. (Reuben – NOT SURE WHAT HE’S SAYING HERE.)
In 1997, I was at the home of a friend in the Boulders of Carefree, AZ. We were on the back patio overlooking the valley, grilling steaks when we noticed a series of lights on Luke Air Force Base gunnery range. I called Luke Command Post, and discovered that there were unidentified flying objets from Nevada to Buckeye, AZ.
I explained to my friends that they could not be gunnery flashes – The reason being that they 1 minute and 21 seconds and they were 5 to 10 minutes and were stationary. (Again, not sure what he’s saying here.)
Shortly thereafter, an object appeared about 50 yards from the house. The unit was cigar shaped, and 3 or 4 hundred yards long, headed towards Tucson. When the unit dropped down in to a ????. It had lights on the top, which we had never seen before. They were red and green.
All the other lights we were seeing went out, except smaller ones such as a running light. There joined up with the larger ship, and accelerated to a quick speed towards Tucson, where they were reported as being seen.
The morning channel 10 news reported the next day, however, there was no other newscast.
The last UFO that I personally witnessed was in Sedona, AZ in March 2012. I was on my back patio looking out over the golf course, when this object passed by at a high rate of speed; moving south down the golf course.
I thought it was a meteorite; however, it slowed, di a 180 degree turn and came back up the course and then away. A meteorite just does not do that.
Sedona is a place where UFO’s are seen often. There is a jeep tour in Sedona that takes visitors out at night to see them, and they are almost never disappointed seeing 50 to 60 in one night.
Thank you.

George Filer Pilot encounters UFO on radar and FAA diverted all traffic CHD 5-03

Major Filer’s Cylinder Intercept DC
I’m a retired Air Force Major with 5000 flying hours. I am currently the Eastern Regional Director of Mutual UFO Network and editor of Filer’s Files.
When flying for the US Air Force 420th Air Refueling Squadron stationed at Sculthorpe RAF Base, England in January of 1962? We were in orbit for refueling fighter aircraft over the North Sea at 30,000 feet in our KB-50 J tanker aircraft just after sunset on a clear night.
London Control excitedly notified us that they had an unidentified object hovering on their radar near Oxford and Stonehenge at around 1,000 feet altitude. We were asked if we were willing to intercept. Our refueling mission was over, so we quickly agreed to chase their UFO. We were given an intercept heading and started to dive toward the UFO. This was really exciting compared to a standard mission. I never could recall such speed and power as we advanced our six engines to full military power as we dove toward the target.
London Control was diverting all aircraft out of our way to clear our path for the intercept. Then we realized we were above our red lined maximum speed and had trouble slowing down our aircraft, and had to pull back the power. London Control started giving our distance to the hovering UFO. They called
out your miles apart, 60, and 40.
At about 30 miles my APS-23 Radar picked up the hovering UFO directly ahead. It was an exceptionally large radar return reminding me of a large bridge or ship. This craft was bigger than anything I had seen in the air before. It reminded me of the radar return from the Brooklyn Bridge 6000 feet or the Firth of Forth Bridge in Scotland (8300) feet over a mile long.
The return was sharp and solid as compared to the fuzziness of a rain cloud. I felt this craft must be made of steel or strong metal. We were doing around 425 mph as we approached to about ten miles, when the UFO apparently realized we were intercepting.
It was a dark night; we could only see a series of dim lights directly ahead similar to a cruise ship at sea. Now only five miles separated us. Suddenly the UFO seemed to come alive, the lights brightened immensely and the UFO accelerated in a launch similar to the Space Shuttle taking off at night.
We saw much brighter lights and fantastic acceleration as it climbed almost straight up and suddenly it was gone. These huge craft I learned are called Motherships, because like an aircraft carrier they carry smaller disc craft.
We asked London Control, “If they had any rocket launches in the area?” London Control seemed as disappointed as we were. The controller said, “There are no rocket launches in that area, thank you for the intercept, you are now cleared to return to your mission.”
Our mission was no longer a priority.
The incident was recorded in my navigator’s log and was mentioned the next day in operations.
A few weeks later, we were invited to a Dining Inn with Prince Phillip who wished to speak with the aircrews who had chased UFOs. About seven of us sat around a table discussing UFOs. Prince Phillip was very personable and friendly. He was very interested in our intercept and we assume he had also been briefed by London Control because the US Air Force had no apparent interest.
I asked Prince Phillip, “Why he was interested in UFOs?” He answered. “My uncle who raised me, Earl Mountbatten had seen UFOs close up while in the Navy.”“ Prince Phillip indicated he and
his aid have debriefed numerous aircrews who have intercepted UFOs.
These craft have been seen by other pilots and witnesses through the years. Here are a few examples.
This photo was taken over Japan, and shows a cylinder shaped Mothership launching disc craft.
I was able to obtain a NASA satellite photo of an apparent Mothership from space over the Atlantic Ocean.
This cylinder craft was taken over Burnham on the Sea, England on February 11, 2011.
Stonehenge Cursus
Throughout England there are archeological structures similar to the Mothership carved in the soil, that are similar in size and shape known as cursus. Early British archaeologists called them Cursus because the large parallel lengths of banks with external ditches reminded them of early Roman athletic courses, hence the Latin name cursus
Many are over a mile long and the distance between the parallel earthworks can be up to 100 meters.
These Neolithic structures represent some of the oldest prehistoric structures in the British Isles and were actually constructed about 6000 years ago.
They are built over rough terrain and seem to mark the position of the ancient craft. My theory is these Neolithic structures are similar in size and shape to UFOs.
This complex at Stonehenge and Silbury Hill in England, may in fact represent visitation by an alien race in the distant past.
Even recently natives has tried to copy and built replicas of WW 2 aircraft on the ground as was done in the South Pacific
Rhode Island
The image is a colorized version with windows inserted of July 3, 1967, Cumberland, Rode Island Mothership photo by Joe Ferriere to . Thanks to August Roberts UFO Photographs Vol. 2. and is a similar craft the stories
New Hampshire huge UFO sighting
EXETER — David a Navy chief petty officer flight engineer with 10,000 flying hours said, “On a sunny day at 3 p.m., he saw a large cigar-shaped object hovering in the sky with windows equally spaced around the object on July 20, 2005. The object was enormous, about the size of two aircraft carriers and was not a Blimp.
The object moved east, at about 100 knots and began changing colors and stretched out like a rubber band. It grew to twice its original size, and then it was gone. Thanks to Peter Davenport

English Channel — On April 23, 2007, two experienced airline pilots on separate flights saw something up to a mile wide off the coast of Alderney above the English Channel.
Jersey radar picked up the object, and an air traffic controller said “He received simultaneous reports from the Aurigny (eri ni) and Blue Islands pilots.
Aurigny’s Captain Ray Bowyer, 50, said he saw the massive strange object bright-yellow during a flight from Southampton ten miles west of Alderney.
It was a very sharp, thin yellow object 2,000 feet up and stationary,’ he said. ‘I later realized it was about 40 miles from us and could have been as much as a mile across.
Captain Bowyer saw a second identical object further to the west. ‘It was exactly the same but looked smaller because it was further away and closer to Guernsey.’
These space craft occasionally roam our skies and my theory is they been coming here for thousands of years and our ancestors made structures on the ground to honor them.
I’ve been interested in UFOs ever since. George Filer